Autumn 1

Our topic during the first half term is a geography based unit called Bright Lights, Big Cities. We will be studying the geography of the united Kingdom and learning all about the flags of each country before moving onto learning directions and compass points. In addition, we will compare and contrast London to a city a third world country and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. Before finishing off with a Tea with Party on Friday 23rd October where the children will be able to dress smartly in their posh frocks and best outfits to impress her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. 


In science, we are studying plants and their features that make them unique. We will study the changes in plants and why they are important for the world. 


Here is some of our learning from our half term in Autumn 1: 



We have been learning our Set 2 sounds this half term whilst revising our Set 1 phonics from last year. We have learned the sounds igh, oy, ay, oo, ee,ow.



We have been learning about Paddington and his adventures in London. We have been learning to write using our phonics using our Fred fingers sounding out words and trying to recognise sounds. On top of that we have been looking at the importance of Capital letters and full stops in our sentences before finishing off the topic using adjectives to describe our The Queen and her Orangutan. 



We have covered a wide range of topics this half term from counting and identifying numbers to telling the time and recognising coins. 

  Addition using buttons

 Subtraction using images and our fingers to support us.  

 using jottings to help us halve numbers

 Learning about 2d shape

 Using coins to make amounts. 


Cornerstones and Science

This half term has been busy learning about directions and the countries of the united Kingdom that the Queen presides over. Science we have looked at the trees and plants around us learning about how they change. 


We made scones, cucumber sandwiches and cups of tea in preparation for a Queens Tea Party. 

London bus tour seeing some sights from our bus conductor for the Day... he talked in a funny accent all day... Cockney, that's a London accent! 


finding trees and flowers in our school 

 studying leaves in greater detail

 Looking at trees and their leaves in even more detail :) 

Art Day October 2020

We had an Art day in school and we studied the Artist Vincent Van Gogh, we looked at his colour choices and how he made his artwork. We completed Writing, Maths and art activities all day linked to his work making a huge college of one of his Famous pieces: Sunflowers 1888. Take a look!

  making our Sunflowers college


 using coins to make amounts to buy a jigsaw piece for racing to build it as quickly as possible. 

using coins to  make the amounts 2p, 3p and 4 p. We learned we could use different coins to help us.

 The final jigsaw after purchasing them from Mr Gray and Mrs Urey's jigsaw shop. 

 Who knew artwork contained maths... Mr Gray tested us but we passed!

Here is the finished product: 

Thank you for taking time to study our class page for Autumn 1. 


Mr Gray, Miss Jeffreys, Miss Urey and Mrs Urey. 


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