Autumn 2

Our topic during the first half term is art based unit linked to Superheroes. We are going to have an exciting engaging day where the children can dress up as a Superhero and complete a hunt to see if they can find any clues of a Superhero visiting our school. We will delve deep into the world of comic books, looking at the heritage of Superheroes and investigate all the artistic flair used to create these magnificent works of literature. We will learn all about the primary colours and how to use them to make a wider range of colours. We will link our topic to a famous artist called Roy Lichtenstein and study his art work 9pop art) looking deeply at his choice of words and colours. In addition we will be using clay and other material sot design and make Superhero masks to protect the identity of our very own superhero. before finishing it off with a Superhero fashion display in our class showing off the very latest in Superhero trends. 


In science, we are studying animals and humans looking at their features and what makes them similar and different to us. 


Take a look at some of the work we have been doing this half term: 


Maths we have been learning how to add and subtract using a range of equipment and making number bonds up to 10. 

We have also been counting past 10 up to 20 trying to recognise the numerical value of each number and the value of the digits. 

We also learned about 2D shapes and their features called edges and vertices. 

PE this half term has taught us many things such as catching and throwing, learning to move in a variety of different ways. We even pretended ot be soldiers on Remembrance Day. 


children in Need also took place and we celebrated it by dressing up in something spotty and raising money. 

We are developing our love for reading this term and beginning to choose our own books to read to and with an adult. 

We hope you enjoyed a sneaky peak at our learning this half term.




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