Year 2 – Miss Blocksidge

A warm welcome to Year 2!

I am thrilled to be teaching Year 2 this year and look forward to taking all the children on a fantastic learning journey. Alongside myself, Miss Blocksidge, will be our fabulous HLTA, Mrs Phipps. We will also be joined by Mrs Urey for a few afternoons a week. Below you will find some important information about Year 2.

During each half term, I will also be updating the class page with important curriculum information and work that the children have completed. On each half termly page, you can also find important dates for our class, however, please do ensure you also refer to the Friday feature for key school events.

Reading: This is a really important part of your child's development and helps them across all curriculum areas. At St Matthew's we love reading and encourage the children to read for pleasure at home at least twice a week. We will listen to your child at least once a week as it is important to check that, as well as becoming more fluent, the children understand what they are reading, especially as they begin to read longer and more complex books. This will be done by discussing the book afterwards, or during reading. Talking about the characters, setting or main events. Encourage children to develop empathy by focusing on characters' emotions and motivations. Alongside this reading for pleasure, we also take part in 2x weekly reading lessons within class, where the children answer comprehension questions based on what they have read. 

Handwriting: We teach cursive handwriting in school, forming letters in the style that starts on the line, see example below. If you would like to help your child with handwriting at home, please try to use the cursive style that is being taught at school to ensure letter formation is correct.


SATs: All year 2 children across the country will take part in standardised end of key stage tests in May each year. These will test areas taught across the whole key stage 1 phase and help to ascertain if a child has made progress. Please do not worry or panic about these as children are well prepared for them and practise them in a fun and engaging way. Any concerns about a child will be raised and discussed at the earliest opportunity.

Maths: Being a confident mathematician is an important life skill and one way in which children can become more confident is to be fluent in their times tables. Children will practise their times tables weekly in class, however, any extra opportunity to practise is always encouraged! This can be done using their Times Tables Rockstars Login, where they can play engaging games and score points to progress their Rockstar status! Children should begin with learning the 2, 5, 10 times table and then move on to the 3 and 4 times table. Additionally, children can also; practise number pairs to 10, 20 ... 100, e.g. (1) 4+6 = 10 ... 14+6 = 20.... 24+6 = 30 ... e.g. (2) 4+6 = 10 ... 40+60 = 100 practise doubles of numbers to 20 and halves of numbers to 30. practise counting forwards and backwards in 1's and 10's. practise counting forwards and backwards in 10's from any given number, (e.g. 7, 17, 27, 37 ....) practise counting in 2's, 5's and then 3's

P.E.:PE is a fundamental part of our curriculum and gives children to opportunity to learn new skills and work as part of a team outside the classroom environment. Children will take part in 2 x PE lessons a week.