Autumn 1

Autumn Term 1


English: During English this half term, we have been looking at diary entries. We looked at some WAGOLLS and identified features that are found within a diary entry. For our Chance to Shine, the children had to write a diary entry from the point view of Sinbad the Sailor the character we have been reading about in our reading lessons. 

Maths: As a class we started the year off by revisiting some of the year one work that was unfortunately missed in the Spring Term. We spent a lot of time recapping our tens and ones, counting to 100, comparing number and objects using the more than, less than and equal to symbols < > =. 

Science: Our topic for science this term is called Take Care. This is a great first topic to start on as we will be researching and describing the importance of hygiene and cleanliness and how we can stay healthy and clean. We will also be looking at different food groups and why it is important to have a balanced diet alongside regular exercise. 

Special Studies: 

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Arrr… me hearties,- it’s a sailor’s life for me! Get your sea legs on, it’s time to sail the salty seas. Navigate, investigate and explore the world- just like Captain Cook.

Make a boar, sink a ship, fly a pirate flag!

Our topic this term is called 'Lands Ahoy' and we will be reading the book The adventures of Sinbad the Sailor that we are very much looking forward to. We will also be focusing on Geography and looking at different climates and weathers around the world, identifying the 7 continents on the globe, understand why there are different weathers depending if you live on or near the equator, Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Art Day 2020

Today we studied the artist L. S .Lowry. We looked what he included in his landscape paintings. Step by step we recreated the Going to School picture.

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