Autumn 1

English - This half term we will be covering a range of genres including Instructions and Persuasive writing. We have so far linked our instruction writing to our cornerstones topic 'Flow'. The children have so far looked at the features of instruction writing and have planned and written a set of instructions to make a fishing rod. The children enjoyed this activity immensely and loved that they could take their fishing rod home to show their family.


Maths - We are going to cover place value and addition and subtraction this half term. In place value we will be exploring 1s, 10, 100s and 1000s, partitioning and comparing numbers to increase our fluency skills. The children will be also answering a range of reasoning and problem solving questions to develop a deeper understanding of the area they are studying.


Reading - Our class book this half term is 'The Wind in the Willows'. The children will be completing some reading comprehension and RIC activities to assess their understanding of the text. The children will also be looking at increasing their pace and stamina to answer questions.


Cornerstones - The topic we will be covering this half term is called 'Flow'. The children have been identifying and labelling a river, as well as looking at rivers from the around the world. The children will also begin to understand and explain the importance of the water cycle.


Science - This half term in Science we will be covering the topic of 'Plants'. In this topic children will look more in-depth at the structure of plants and the purpose of each part.

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