Autumn 1

Autumn Term 1



Our theme for Autumn Term one is Road Trip USA!  This will be a geography focused unit with a focus on US states and the Iroquois tribe of Native America.  Among many of the exciting opportunities, children will have the opportunity to learn about what life was like as a Native American all while completing lots of writing, reading, designing and tasting experiences. 


Our reading book focus this term will be: The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks


For writing we will produce a diary entry and a postcard based on a visit to a famous USA landmark.


 Science -  Our Changing World


 Our topic for this half term is Our Changing World. In this unit our core questions are:

  1. How can we classify trees by looking at their leaves?
  2. How can we identify and classify deciduous trees in winter?
  3. How can we classify plants by looking at their flowers?




RE – What is it like to follow God?


 In this unit children will make clear links between the story of Abraham and the concept of Faith. They will make simple links between the People of God and how some Christians choose to live their whole lives in the church community. They will suggest answers about how far ideas of a covenant, promises and following God might make a difference in the world today.  





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