Autumn 2

 Our theme for Autumn Term two is Timetraveller!  This will be an art focused unit with a focus on portraits.  Among many of the exciting opportunities, children will have the opportunity to learn about different arty techniques all while completing lots of writing, reading, designing and cooking. 



Our reading book focus this term will be: Tom’s Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce.


For writing we will produce a character description and a recount and this will all be based around "Tom's Midnight Garden." 



 Our science topic for this half term is "Circle of Life", in this unit the children will have the following learning objectives: 

  1.    To compare the life cycles of different animals
  2.    To define what a mammal is and describe its life cycle
  3.    To define an amphibian and describe its life cycle
  4.    To define what insects are and describe the different types of life cycle, including the process of metamorphosis
  5.    To define what a bird is and describe its life cycle
  6.    To create a life cycle for an imaginary animal that will help to ensure its long-term success
  7.    To explore and describe ways in which humans are using science to help endangered animals to complete their life cycles and increase their population numbers
  8.    To explore some of the incredible migration journeys undertaken by animals as part of their life cycle.



Our RE unit is "The Parables of Jesus", in particular focusing on the parable of the 'seed growing secretly'. 

Children will learn about: 

1. Explore the meaning of growth both physically and spiritually. 

2. The growth of the Christian church. 

3. Explore the Kingdom of God. 

4. Explore Christian denominations. 



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