Autumn 1

Autumn Term 1


Our theme for Autumn Term one is Road Trip USA!  This will be a geography focused unit with a focus on US states and the Iroquois tribe of Native America.  Among many of the exciting opportunities, children will have the opportunity to learn about what life was like as a Native American all while completing lots of writing, reading, designing and cooking. 


Our reading book focus this term will be: The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks


For writing we will produce a diary entry all about our day as a Native American (based on our class visit from Kaya drums) and a postcard based on a visit to a famous USA landmark.


For the homework project this term, the children will be expected to make a 3D model of a magic cupboard just like the one from “The Indian in the Cupboard”. Below are some previous entries for this topic:



 Science - The Earth and Beyond


 Our topic for this half term is The Earth and Beyond. In this unit our core questions are:

  1. What’s in space?
  2. What is a year?
  3. What is a day?
  4. How does the Sun help us to measure time?
  5. What time is it around the world?
  6. Why do we have seasons?
  7. What are our conclusions about sunrise and sunset times?
  8. Why does the Moon change shape?



RE – What do Christians learn from the Creation Story?


 In this unit we will explore the creation story in Genesis. We will also look into what it means to be a steward of the Earth and how we can look after our planet. We will explore the Ten Commandments and understand why they are important to us.


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