Year 5 / 6 – Miss Wilson

                          "Someone in your classroom is waiting for a friend…

                           Somewhere in your brain, there’s a story to be penned…   

                           Something in this school year is waiting to be known…     

                           When you discover it, your mind will be blown!"                 


With lots of resilience, determination and passion I am excited to go on a new learning journey with you all in Year 5/6.

Our classroom is decorated as a 'vintage travel themed' classroom and we hope that this will inspire us to let curiosity lead the way in our own exciting adventure. "To infinity and beyond..."


Pupils in Year 5/6 will need need to remember that they must come to school in their PE kits on our designated PE days and should bring their reading books into school every day. I would also ask that you continue to learn your times tables and read as much as possible at home. Remember reading is exploring without leaving home. Books let you travel without moving your feet!

"Organise the pencils, open the books! Put on your school clothes, and your bright happy looks! It’s time to cheer for a new school year! I hope you make wonderful memories whilst you're here."

Here are some images of our classroom. We you love it as much as we do!