Autumn 1

Our learning this half term will all be focused around our topic 'Allotment.' This is a Geography unit in which we will learn all about land use, the different types of farming and food miles.

Lets grow! A crispy carrot, a luscious lettuce or a tasty tomato. Dig deep and put your back into it! Discover what an allotment is and see if you can identify the fruit and vegetables that have been grown. Are there any allotments close to your school?     Do you know anyone with an allotment?

Learn about where crops are grown and why farming is so important. Discover all about trade links, land patterns and how farming has changed over the years.


Reading and Writing- The book we are studying this half term is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. We are enjoying studying such a classic story and find it fascinating that this book seems to be timelessly enjoyed. We can't wait to see how the secret garden is unveiled.

This story should inspire us to write our own setting descriptions and we are going to develop our understanding of figurative language and how we can use this effectively to set the scene.

Maths-The children have undertaken some assessments during the first weeks back along with some revision of the curriculum they studied last year. However, now in Maths we will be starting to explore place value and how numbers are constructed. Times tables are particularly important and are the fundamental basis for all areas of mathematical understanding. Children in Years 5 and 6 should know ALL of their times tables and particularly their 6,7,8 and 9's.

I would recommend that children practice their times tables and reading on Purple mash and Times table rockstars regularly to support them in their learning.

Science- Our Science topic is all about the reproduction of plants. We are excited to learn more about the parts of a plant after lots of discussion during our 5 'BIG questions' lesson. We have already begun to explore how flowers 'self seed' and are intrigued to learn about the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction.


Our memorable experience

Within this unit, we have learnt lots about allotments including how and why people grow their own produce. For our memorable experience, we loved exploring lots of fruits and vegetables that had been grown in allotments near to the school. Look at the fantastic fruits and vegetables that we learnt about. Our favourite thing was looking at THE HUGE MARROW as we were fascinated to learn how large they grow and we also found out that  a marrow and a courgette are the same thing.


Our art day

Our art day was focused on the famous artist Gustav Klimt. We really enjoyed finding out all about what inspired him and discovered that he was an Austrian artist who was very talented from a young age, attending the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts. Originally he was incredibly well known for his mural paintings but after his father and brother sadly died, his artistic style changed and his work began to include lots of symbolism.


His paintings had very powerful meanings such as love, death, sin, religion or disease and incorporated gold leaf that was painted in great detail. We LOVED THIS! We were all blown away to discover in 2006 one of his paintings ‘Adele Bloch-Bauer’ sold for a massive £135 million!


During the day, we used the painting ‘The Tree of Life’ as inspiration for our own artwork looking carefully at the lines, shape, patterns and colours he used. As a class we produced magnificent artwork based on our own interpretations and worked together to produce a fantastic canvas painting focusing on the gold spirals, patterns, symbols and beautiful colours Klimt used. We added inspirational words around the gold, spiral tree branches to capture the thoughts we had throughout the day.


Check out our FABULOUS display including some of the AMAZING art we have produced!




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