Autumn 2

Our learning this half term will all be focused around our topic 'Stargazers.' This is an Art and Science unit and we are so excited to learn all about the planets and the solar system.

"Journey through space, the final frontier… Navigate beyond the Sun: the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our Solar System!

Investigate the eight planets-Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Take a look at the moon the celestial body that orbits the Earth.

Exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that humankind has ever undertaken!"


Reading- The book we will studying this half term will be The War of The Worlds by H G Wells. We are thoroughly engaged with this story and love reading it aloud as a class. It is exciting exploring a science fiction genre and we have learnt lots of new vocabulary including merciless, lumbering, foreboding and civilisation.

Writing- For our 'Chance to Shine' we will be writing a newspaper article based on our class text. We will be reporting on the mysterious explosions on Mars and the how the 'merciless martians' are terrorising Earth. We will also be producing some space themed poetry.

Maths - We are going to study addition and subtraction and will be working with 5 digit numbers. We can't wait to get started using the column method as this something we all enjoy and are extremely confident in using.

Science- Our Science topic will explore the Earth and beyond! We are very excited to learn about the moon, solar system as well as investigating day, night and what provides us with those rare yet amazing leap years!

RE- For our new RE unit, we will be developing our understanding of faith lived out by believers. This knowledge will be developed through studying how the use of art forms help to promote faith and worship by allowing individuals to respond creatively to their belief.


Red, White and Blue day


In celebration of Remembrance and Red, White and Blue day, we have worked hard to create a new whole class display that helps us to honour our heroes. We spent lots of time showing how we are grateful to all of the service men and woman (including some of our very own parents) who serve or have served within the armed forces.


Look at our new 'Red, White and Blue day' display. We hope you love it as much as we do. Check it out below:



Our space artwork


We were inspired by a famous astronaut and painter called Alan Bean. He was the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 12 and the fourth man to set foot on the moon. When he returned from the Apollo 12 and Skylab 3 missions, his fellow astronauts convinced him to paint his experiences on the moon. We began by looking at a range of his paintings of the universe and discussed how we might recreate these using our art skills and knowledge.


We chose to use black card and added bursts of poster paint using sponges and scrunched up materials to dab and splatter colours to add texture and a mottled effect to our backgrounds. We were careful not to add too much paint, as we still wanted some of the black to be visible in the painting.

Next, we looked at a range of drawings and photographs of astronauts wearing their space suits. We sketched different versions of the spacemen on white paper and then enhanced these using black felt pen. Some children chose to draw a close up picture of the spaceman, adding detail to the suit.

Other children wanted to draw a smaller astronaut to place onto their background. The children were allowed to create a composition of their choice. 


We cut out the visor of the spacesuit, which allowed the background to be visible through the drawing.  This gives the illusion of a reflection in the helmet of the suit.

We were also inspired by a famous artist called Peter Thorpe who produces abstract artwork using left over paints to create vibrant images of rockets in space.


Our Space themed party

We decided that as many of us have been unable to celebrate our birthdays this year in the normal way, we would host a class party afternoon. We chose to make our party Space themed linked to our current topic. We came to school wearing our own party clothes (mufti) and all enjoyed some nibbles, games and had lots of fun!


Our Spanish Day

On Tuesday 1st December we celebrated Spanish Day. We wore red and yellow and also experienced a Spanish themed lunch, we ate and experienced new foods such as paella and churros. They were delicious! We also learnt about how Christmas is celebrated in Spain and created our own vibrant and informative 'double page spreads' to demonstrate our knowledge. We also learnt about Pablo Picasso and created our own artwork based on his style of art - Cubism. We had lots of fun learning about Spain! 



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