Autumn 1

Our learning this half term will all be focused around our topic 'A child's war.' This is a History unit in which we will learn all about World War 2.

"A siren sounds, a building crumbles, a Spitfire zooms overhead. Take cover! It’s 1939 and Britain is at war. Deep down in the Anderson shelter, learn why nations are fighting and why child evacuees must make the long journey from their homes and family to unknown territory..."

Reading- The book we will studying this half term will be Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. We are really enjoying reading this book as a class and exploring what life was really like as an evacuee during the War. Already, we have learnt lots of new vocabulary including reverberating, agriculture, billeting office, conscription and laborious.

Writing- For our 'Chance to Shine' we will be writing letters from the perspective of evacuees and how we feel after being moved to live in the countryside along way from home. We will also be writing diary entries from the front line depicting what life was like as a World War 2 soldier and hero.

Check out our amazing writing!


Maths - We are going to cover place value and addition and subtraction this half term. In place value we will be exploring partitioning numbers up to million, Roman numerals, rounding to the nearest 10,100,1000 and 10,000 as well as investigating negative numbers. During addition and subtraction we will be looking in more depth at negative numbers as well as studying written formal methods as well as mental strategies to support our understanding of adding and taking away larger numbers.

Science- Our Science topic will explore the properties of a range of materials as well as investigating how a wide range of objects are fit for a particular purpose. We will exploring terminology such as flammable, soft and hard solids, magnetic, permeable, insulator and conductor. 

Our trip to RAF Cosford

During our visit to RAF Cosford we explored the fascinating story of the RAF and the thousands of amazing service men and woman who served in and were invaluable in shaping our lives today. We also took part in a World War 2 workshop named ‘The Spirit of the Blitz.’

This gave us an understanding of life for children during the Second World War as well as helping us to discover the role of the ARP warden, experiencing a mock air raid, and handling a range of museum artefacts, including original RAF uniform.



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