PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education. It is an important part of your child's national curriculum learning.


Primary and Secondary PSHE fulfilling RSE | Jigsaw PSHE Ltd


Here at St Matthew's we follow the Jigsaw programme for our PSHE, which covers the following core areas:

  • Being Me in My World
  •  Celebrating Difference
  •  Dreams and Goals
  •  Healthy Me
  • Relationships
  •  Changing Me

These are taught through lessons in each class as well as during assemblies. 

 Here is our action plan for PSHE for 2020/21. 

 We also follow half termly events for PSHE to supplement our PSHE curriculum such as Help for Heroes day, Black History month, Children in need day, Internet safety day, Anti bullying day and much more.



We also have visitors into school as much as possible to build our links with the local community.


The school has a mini bus where the children take part in lots of exciting trips to supplement their learning and provide the children with valuable life experiences.





 Here are some ideas for promoting PSHE at home taken from the website

1. From a young age, encourage your child to dress and undress independently and manage their own hygiene, such as by washing hands after using the toilet.

2. Provide a role play area resourced with materials reflecting your child's interests.

3. Encourage your child to help you plan and cook healthy recipes. Take them shopping and involve them in decision making.

4. Make time for simple activities such as board games to encourage teamwork and help children learn to take turns.

5. With older children, use documentaries and other media to discuss issues around our place and responsibilities in society.

6. Give plenty of positive encouragement and praise to build self-esteem, and when they do something wrong, help them reflect on why their behaviour was naughty/unkind/selfish/rude and think of how they could have handled the situation instead.



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