St Matthew's C.E Primary School

Governors at St Matthews

Governors at St Matthews

The school demonstrates good practice in:

  • A positive, stimulating and inspiring learning environment which results in happy, highly motivated and successful pupils.
  • The inspirational leadership of the Headteacher whose solution focused and pragmatic response to challenges engenders a sense of hope and resilience in her team. A strong leadership team who take an active role in coaching less experienced and less effective staff to improve their practice.
  • A strong curriculum offer, effectively led by the Deputy Headteacher, which is embedded in an agreed pedagogical approach to learning.
  • The leadership’s generosity of spirit in providing support to colleagues in other schools whenever this is requested.
  • The schools outstanding approach to the personal and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils which results in a harmonious school community.
  • The high value the school places on the professional development of staff which has a significant impact on its sustainability and capacity to improve, moving securely towards being an outstanding school in all areas.
  •  Its outstanding Early Years provision which is a beacon of effective practice and strong leadership.

Severn Teaching School Annual Summary Report to Governors September 2021

  • The Headteacher provides an outstanding model of leadership for her colleagues to emulate. Her creative solution focused response to challenges is second to none. At all times she makes decisions which are in the best interests of the pupils. She constantly models the school’s Christian values and Team spirit through her words and actions. She is fully committed to the school’s ‘intent’ statement in: “…developing each child’s unique potential, within a secure and caring environment where every child’s health and wellbeing is strengthened.”

  • The Early Years Leader is an ‘outstanding’ leader and practitioner. She leads by example, and her strong vision is evident in the highly motivational learning environment she has secured. Her pedagogical and subject specific knowledge is very strong. She trains her staff team well, and they flourish under her guidance. Aspirational targets are set and in ‘normal’ times have been consistently met; taking pupils who are significant below the standard expected for their age, to reach national expectations and beyond. This year, due to pandemic restrictions and lockdowns, the children have not attained as well as they have in the past. However, progress data remains outstanding. Assessment data is used well to identify gaps in children’s knowledge and understanding. Group or individual interventions are then put in place to address these areas. The Early Years Leader is a SLE and has supported many schools both locally and further afield. Her advice is received well, and there is lots of evidence to show the positive impact she has made on the quality of education in other settings.

  • The Deputy Headteacher, who is also the SENDCo, demonstrates ‘outstanding’ leadership qualities. She uses an evidence-based approach to identify areas which need to be improved, across all areas in the Ofsted Framework: Quality of Education, Leadership and Management, Behaviour and Attitudes and Personal Development. Strategic decisions are made in a balanced and well thought through manner. The approach used is, like the Headteacher, one whereby pupils and staff are encouraged to be part of the solution to a problem. In this way an inclusive and affirmative ethos has been developed, especially in relation to the support provided for pupils with SEND. These pupils flourish in an environment where they feel safe and understood. This ‘outstanding’ practice led to the Deputy Headteacher being selected to support other schools who need to improve their SEND provision. This work has been well received by colleagues in other schools.

  • The newly appointed Assistant Headteacher has a key role in monitoring and evaluating the quality of the school’s curriculum offer. In this role she has secured a good overview of what is going well and what requires further adjustment. Her findings show that modifications are needed to the way in which age-related expectations are presented in each subject’s progression documents. Key curriculum knowledge goals and key skills need to be separated out. This will help staff and pupils to be clearer about the age-related knowledge and skills they have achieved, and those they are now working on to achieve. At the moment pupils are not clear about the difference. This judgement by the Assistant Headteacher, based on the STSA adviser’s evidence base, is accurate.

  • The Senior Leadership team work positively and strategically to address challenges. They have supported their pupils and colleagues unstintingly during this pandemic period. They have supported staff to successfully deliver the school’s curriculum ‘intent’ despite the restrictions and turbulence of the past year.

All schools have a Governing Body, which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. They work in close partnership with the Head teacher, staff and the Local Authority. They bring a range of interests, knowledge and skills to the school and they all work in a voluntary capacity. Governors give their service voluntarily and no formal qualifications are necessary although there are eligibility criteria.

Whilst the Head teacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school, the governors are frequently involved with such things as: ensuring pupil premium funding is allocated effectively to close the gaps leading to accelerated progress and raised attainment; staffing; curriculum; health and safety; safeguarding; school buildings and finance. It ensures the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives. The Governing Body works as a team with shared responsibilities.

Recently St.Matthew’s governing body have gone to great lengths to understand the school and its strategic direction and are totally committed to drive standards and attainment upwards in close partnership with the Head teacher and Senior Leadership team together with our Local Authority School Improvement Partner.

We have a talented Governing Body who believe passionately that our distinctively Christian Ethos, Aims and Values which are embedded in our School Community make us a rich, inclusive learning environment where all children are nurtured to achieve their true potential. We are extremely grateful for their enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring the very best education for all our children at St.Matthew’s.

'The Governing Body are kept well informed by school leaders and the Chair of Governors as to school’s strengths and priorities for development. The Chair of Governors takes an important and active role in all termly meetings, led by the STSA School Improvement Adviser. At these meetings, the school’s actions to address priorities for development are evaluated in relation to their impact. The Chair of Governors asks questions when clarification or additional evidence is needed to support judgements. Governors have also undertaken monitoring activities alongside school leaders, to deepen their understanding of the school strengths and development areas. Their commitment to the school and its on-going improvements means that the Governing Body adds further strength to the school’s overall capacity to improve. ' (Summary Report 2021)

How can you contact a Governor?

Governors at St.Matthew’s C.E (Aided) Primary School and Nursery are always approachable through contacting the school office or emailing directly from the following email list.

Mrs Anna Hill Foundation Governor

Chair of Governors

Link Governor CIC, Safeguarding, English

 Vice Chair Mrs Heather Cooper


Governor for Pupil Premium

Mrs A Hill

Mrs K Clark Headteacher


Teacher Governor 

Mrs Rebecca Wilson Deputy Head responsible for SEND/ Safeguarding


Mrs Beverley Porter

LA co-opted Governor responsible for SEND / EYFS



Ex-officio- Rev.Paula Smith

Link Governor for RE



Parent Governors

Mrs K Rivers

Mr Daniel Antwi

Foundation Gov - Mrs Jacqueline Sach

Martin Webb 

Link Governor for PE/IT/ Health and safety