Governors at St Matthews

'The Outstanding Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Governors have a crystal-clear vision of what the school should be. Together, their skills are driving rapid improvements in teaching and pupils’ outcomes. Governors have contributed enormously to the rapid improvements the school has made since the previous inspection. They know the school extremely well, are articulate and passionate about education, and are confident to ask appropriately challenging questions. They are committed to their education, and are confident to ask appropriately challenging questions. They are committed to their role and meet regularly to monitor the school development plan. Governors are often involved in evaluative activities, such as observing with leaders teaching around the school, focusing on their designated subject area. Governors are skilled in looking closely at pupils’ progress. As a result, they have a good level of understanding about the progress pupils are making and need to make.'

LA Annual Report to Governors September 2016

All schools have a Governing Body, which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. They work in close partnership with the Head teacher, staff and the Local Authority. They bring a range of interests, knowledge and skills to the school and they all work in a voluntary capacity. Governors give their service voluntarily and no formal qualifications are necessary although there are eligibility criteria.

Whilst the Head teacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school, the governors are frequently involved with such things as: ensuring pupil premium funding is allocated effectively to close the gaps leading to accelerated progress and raised attainment; staffing; curriculum; health and safety; safeguarding; school buildings and finance. It ensures the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives. The Governing Body works as a team with shared responsibilities.

Recently St.Matthew’s governing body have gone to great lengths to understand the school and its strategic direction and are totally committed to drive standards and attainment upwards in close partnership with the Head teacher and Senior Leadership team together with our Local Authority School Improvement Partner.

We have a talented Governing Body who believe passionately that our distinctively Christian Ethos, Aims and Values which are embedded in our School Community make us a rich, inclusive learning environment where all children are nurtured to achieve their true potential. We are extremely grateful for their enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring the very best education for all our children at St.Matthew’s.

How can you contact a Governor?

Governors at St.Matthew’s C.E (Aided) Primary School and Nursery are always approachable through contacting the school office or emailing directly from the following email list

Mr Roger Lewis Chair of Governors

Link Governor CIC, Safeguarding,



Vice Chair Mrs Rachel Wells

 Early Years Foundation Stage



Mrs Heather Cooper 01-Sept-2018

Link Governor for SEND



Mrs K Clark Headteacher



Teacher Governor Miss T Cartwright - 11-Jul-2016



Parent Gov - Mr Dale Hancox

Link Governor PE /Sports Premium Funding



Foundation Gov - Rev.Paula Smith

Link Governor for RE



Parent Gov - Mrs K. Kandola

Link Governor for the Foundation Subjects


Foundation Gov - Mrs Jacqueline Sach


Governor - Anna Hill

Link Governor for English



At St.Matthew’s C E (Aided) Primary School and Nursery Centre our Governing Body duties are wide ranging, including;

• Key Governor Champions involvement in the strategic financial management planning for Pupil Premium Children and Children in Care and those with special educational needs / physical disabilities.
• Ensuring equality of opportunity for all its pupils.
• Key Strategic governors involvement in the writing of termly Raising Attainment Plans with the attached school improvement advisor and Senior Management Team.
• Establishing priorities , actions and timescales to raise standards of progress and attainment.
• Playing a pivotal role in establishing School improvement strategic planning and evaluation.
• Monitoring the progress of all groups of children, evaluating the impact of the school’s curriculum and promoting good teaching and learning.
• Acting as a ‘critical friend’. A ‘critical friend’ offers support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and help where needed. However a ‘critical friend’ may also challenge, ask questions, seek information, improve proposals and so arrive at the best solution for the pupils, staff and whole school community.
• If a member of the Finance Committee, being involved in strategic financial planning , making decisions on the school’s budget and staffing.
• Being accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community.
• If a member of the Curriculum Committee , ensuring that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based and taking part in learning walks to evaluate provision and gain a greater awareness of standards and progress of targeted groups.
• Meeting with class teachers as Governor Champions to discuss progress and achievement, paying particular attention to Pupil Premium Children, CIC and other vulnerable.
• If a member of the Ensuring that Health and Safety and Safeguarding Committee ensuring policy and procedures are followed and embedded.
• Approval of all school policies.
As a Church of England Aided School our governing body is made up of:

7 Foundation including 1 co-opted

1 LA

2 Parent

1 Head teacher

1 Staff
We very much value the work of our Governing Body who together with their committee roles are frequently in school working for the benefit of all our children. Their involvement is far-reaching and includes;
• Data analysis sessions with Senior Leadership Team and LA Advisor.
• Writing of the Termly Raising attainment Plan with Senior Leadership Team and LA Advisor.
• Involvement in the Year 6 Prom.
• Shadowing sessions with parents focusing on Literacy and Numeracy.
• Attending interfaith days and evaluating outcomes.
• Accompanying children on trips out of school.
• Working with ICT specialists to ensure best value.
• Leading /Attending church services.
• Leading RE sessions within the church linked to curriculum planning working alongside class teachers.
• Acting in their champion roles to meet with class teachers to scrutinize data and assess impact of provision.
• Meeting with subject leaders in their role of Link Governor to discuss curricular priorities and evaluate progress made with School Improvement Priorities acting as a ‘critical friend’.
The full governing body usually meets once per term. Most governors also sit on one or two committees, which also meet at least termly.

Governors Mrs R Wells (Chair), Mrs K.Clark, Mrs H Cooper, Rev’d Paula Smith, Mr D Hancox, Mrs K Kandola, Mrs A Hill, Mrs J Sach
Disciplinary / Grievance – Mrs H Cooper, Mr D Hancox, Mrs K Kandola

Appeals Committee - R Wells, Revd Smith, Mrs Mrs H Cooper

Heads Performance Management – Mrs H Cooper, Mrs R Wells

SIAMS Committee - Mrs K.Clark, Mrs H Cooper, R’d P Smith

Governors have received three different training sessions from Chris Minton, one focussing on the role of the governing Body and being ‘Ofsted Ready’ the other on Self Evaluation, and one on the Prevent agenda . These sessions have resulted in governors having an increased knowledge of the schools performance and priorities for future improvement.

• There have also been designated Governors involved in termly data analysis and Raising attainment Plan writing with Senior Managers and School Improvement Partner which has raised their knowledge of progress and attainment throughout the school. This has resulted in more rigorous tracking of specific groups such as SEN, Pupil Premium, Ethnic groups, Gender, Summer born etc and earlier identification of any groups or individuals who are still underperforming.

• All Governors have also attended data meetings led by Senior leaders which has led to increased understanding of the systems and what they are telling us about progress more fully. All Governors have their own individual folders with data and work scrutiny together with evaluations / LA monitoring / school monitoring in order to keep them fully informed of standards and attainment / progress across the School and nursery Centre.

• Governors are a more strategic team, they have developed their ability to articulate what data is telling them and whether priorities have impacted to close gaps in progress. This is a result of:

- Working with the School Improvement Partner and the Head teacher and Senior Leaders in their roles as ‘Champions’.

- Nominated governors being heavily involved in the writing of termly Raising Attainment Plans with School Improvement Partner
• The governing body have responded very positively to the training they have received linked to their role as ‘critical friends’ to the school.
• They are keen to strengthen their monitoring and evaluation skills.
• Through greater involvement within the school and their involvement in data analysis and writing the termly Raising Achievement Plan (RAP), key strategic governors now have a good grasp of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.
• They use this knowledge well to hold school leaders to account, asking pertinent and focused questions related to the school’s performance data and actions to improve performance.
• The ‘Champion ‘ role of Governors is being developed, and they have met with year group teachers to evaluate progress and analyse impact of provision. This has given them a greater knowledge of year group progress / pupil premium etc. and has strengthened their ability to challenge and move the school forward.
Governor NameBusiness InterestOther establishments governedRelationship with staff/members of the governing bodyDate
Roger Lewis BROMCOM MIS SUPPLIER None None 17/03/16
Kate Clark None None None 14/07/15
Tracey Cartwright None None None 14/07/15
Rev. Paula Smith St Matthew's Church None None  
Joan Furlong Lichfield Diocese consultant None None  
Heather Cooper None None None 14/07/15
Rachel Wells Kingswood Trust None None  
Neil Thomas From September 1st 2015 RAF Cosford None None 14/07/15
Miss Cartwright
I have been a teacher at St. Matthew’s Primary school for 17 years and am now Deputy Head teacher. Alongside my teaching position I have been fortunate to work for many outside agencies whilst representing the school, these have included presenting for Microsoft at the BETT Conference, working for the QCA on a D and T / ICT advisory document and jointly authoring a scheme of work for IT for the Cambridge University Press to be used by schools overseas. I have also worked for the Local Authority as a writing moderator for the past 3 years. I have always been passionate about art, and enjoy bringing my love of art into the classroom and inspiring children to create their own works of art. Mrs Cooper
I have been attending St. Matthew’s Church since moving to Donnington in 2002, and it was through this involvement that I became a Foundation Governor at St. Matthew’s School in 2006.
I am one of the governors responsible for the performance management of the head teacher, and the Governor Champion for geography and science.
My role is to promote the Christian character of the school, so as well as attending meetings in school I am often in Church when the children come in for services and class visits.
Roger Lewis
I started as a parent governor at St Matthews in 2005 until 2009. In 2012 I returned to the Governing Body as the LA Appointed Governor. I have been Chair of Governors since 2013. I oversee all of the committees and lead on the performance management of the Head Teacher. I am governor champion for Pupil Premium, Mathematics and the Governor responsible for Safeguarding. As a governor I am a regular visitor in school, and have now become someone that most pupils recognise and know. I have had a connection with the school for over 10 years, and although my own children have since left the school I am still committed to see it succeed. I am a keen member of the community, and volunteer as a snow warden, in the event of snow, I have the resources to clear paths around the immediate area surrounding the school.
Reverend Paula Smith
I am the Reverend Paula Smith from St Matthew's Church and I am a Foundation Governor. St. Matthew’s Church serves the people of Donnington, Donnington Wood and the Humbers. We are people who aim to follow in the way of Jesus and aim to show this by showing hospitality, generosity and building a sense of community. I am keen to foster links between St. Matthew’s School and the church, and regularly visit the children and staff within school .We run Messy Church for the children, aiming to provide a welcoming environment where families can worship together, learn together, have fun together, socialise with others and grow into faith. We meet on the first Sunday of each month. The school have a positive relationship with the church and perform at church festivals, the children participate in ‘experience church’ sessions with members of the church community, and Year 6 participate in Eucharist services with the community. We are always looking for more opportunities to work together.
Rachel Wells
I have had an association with St. Matthews since 1990, originally as a teacher at the school, later as a parent of 2 children attending the Nursery Centre and School and became a parent governor for a number of years. I am currently the head teacher and manager at Kingswood Trust, an environmental residential charity that encourages children to connect with nature and the outdoors. I have a particular interest and experience in the Early Years and have been a governor again at St. Matthews for the last 2 years. I believe that school should provide positive experiences for life long learning, that focus on both a creative and enriched curriculum with a focus on ensuring priority is given to children’s health and wellbeing. I am proud and pleased to be supporting the strategic development and direction of St. Matthews, along with other well equipped governors and believe our school provides all children with excellent foundations to achieve today and in the future.

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