Meetings and Structure

St.Matthew’s CE (Aided) Primary School Committees and structure September 2017 – July 2018

Strategic Committee 1


  • Analysis and synthesis of data

It is the role of this committee to receive verbal and written reports along with other evidence about the school’s work, in terms of external and internal data. Governors will participate in the analysis and synthesis of data. These activities will support the setting of annual targets for the school.

  • Raising Attainment Plan (RAP), School Improvement Plan(SIP)

It is the responsibility of selected members of this committee to support the writing of the RAP and SIP, based on the thorough analysis and synthesis of data, resulting in improvements for all groups of pupils.

  • School Curriculum

It is the role of this committee to monitor the work undertaken throughout school in all curriculum areas. This will usually be done by Governors working strategically alongside Subject Leaders and making visits to the school to see the curriculum in action. Governors will present their findings at subsequent committee meetings.

  • Special Educational Needs (SEN

It is the role of this committee to monitor the provision of SEN in school. This will be done by at least one governor working strategically alongside SENCo.  The committee will receive both written and verbal reports about SEN.

  • Pupil Premium Attainment

It is the responsibility of this committee to ensure that the attainment and progress of these pupils is no worse than other pupils within the school and to hold the school to account for any differences that are shown through the analysis of the data.

  • SEF

To oversee, agree and report on the changes made to the SEF.


  • Christian Character of the School

Ensuring that the school is committed to promoting the Christian character associated with the school.

  • Policy Development

It will be the responsibility of this committee to identify and develop such policies as are deemed essential to the management of the school. This will be done by working closely with the Head & Deputy. Commissioning and receiving draft policies and helping prepare finalised policies for adoption.

  • Monitoring cycle

It is the responsibility of this committee to hold the school to account; ensuring that there is a rigorous monitoring cycle in place which includes, the interrogation of data, scrutiny of pupil work and lesson observations, so that a judgement can be made on the quality of teaching, learning and progress of all groups of pupils.

  • Pupil Behaviour and Attendance

The committee will discuss and past, current or anticipated issues around the general behaviour and attendance levels of all children.  Any recommendations are taken forward to full Governor meetings for approval.


Strategic Committee 2

The Remit for this committee covers to the following areas:

Members – Rachel Wells(Chair -ex officio), Kate Clark(Head - ex officio), Heather Cooper, Tracey Cartwright, Anna Hill, Kerry Kandola, Dale Hancox

  • Personnel

It is the role of this committee to consider items relating to the staffing arrangements of the school. This will be done by receiving reports on the deployment of staff and their roles. The committee will prepare recommendations for the governing body on all issues relating to employment and conditions of service.

  • Finance

It is the role of this committee to deal with all matters relating to the school budget. This responsibility will include approving the annual budget and monitoring its use. The monitoring process will usually be done by receiving reports and statement of accounts throughout the year.

  • Pay

It is the responsibility of this committee to make decisions on pay, based on the evidence provided by the Headteacher on appraisal outcomes or members of the Performance Management Committee on the Headteacher’s performance, based on Performance Management outcomes. It is also responsible for ensuring that there are equal opportunities for all staff in terms of the way they are treated and the grading of their salary.

  • Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)

It is the role of this committee to hold the school to account for all PPG monies and how these are spent. The decisions on spending should be based on sound academic research, where there is strong evidence to support the spending in a particular area, which has a high impact on pupil progress and closed the gap between those pupils in receipt of PPG and those who are not.

  • Premises

This committee will be responsible for monitoring the maintenance and development work undertaken as part of the schools premises care. It will do this by helping to establish priorities, receive reports and make recommendations to the governing body on issues related to this area.

  • Health & Safety

It is the role of this committee to ensure that the school’s Health & Safety policy is carried out. This will be done by providing a governor representative on the Health & Safety team and receiving regular written and verbal reports.

  • Policy and Procedure Review

It will be the responsibility of this committee to ensure that all school policies are kept under review and are updated as and when necessary. This will be done through establishing a three year rolling review programme of all existing policies. This work will be carried out in conjunction with the Senior Management Team of the school.


Disciplinary, Grievance and Employment Protection Committee

Kerry Kandola, Heather Cooper , Rachel Wells

It is the role of this committee to deal with any disciplinary or grievance matters and to ensure employment protection. It will also be responsible for  staff discipline hearings.


Pupil Exclusions Committee & Complaints Committee

Kerry Kandola, Heather Cooper, Rachel Wells 3 of 4 (4th TBC)

It is the role of the complaints committee to act as the 1st committee in any complaint or pupil exclusion which requires a formal committee to consider.


Appeals Committee

Heather Cooper, Rev Paula Smith and Dale Hancox, 3 of 4 (4th TBC)

It is the role of this committee to act as the appeals committee in any situation which would warrant an appeal.

* Mr Hancox will be excluded from any appeals that relate to pupil discipline.


Performance Management Committee

Roger Lewis (Chair -ex officio), Heather Cooper

It is the role of this committee to oversee that Headteacher’s performance management


SIAMS Committee Mrs R Wells ,Rev’d Smith, Heather Cooper, Jackie Sach


Link and Special Interest Governor Champions and Subject Leader Roles and Responsibilities from September 2017

Pupil Premium: Mrs H Cooper

Teaching and Learning: Mrs K Kandola, Mrs A Hill, D Hancox

Behaviour and Attendance: Mrs R Wells, Mrs K Clark


Subject area                              Appointed Governor                                          Designated Subject Leader

 EYFS                                            Mrs R Wells                                                        Mrs S Vaughan

English                                          Mrs A Hill                                                           Miss L.Wilson

Maths                                            Mrs H Cooper                                                     Mr S Gray

Science                                         Mrs R Wells                                                         Mrs S Wyre

IT                                                 Mr D Hancox                                                       Miss T. Cartwright

RE                                                Rev’d P Smith, Mrs H Cooper                                Mrs J Cartwright

PE                                                Mr D Hancox                                                       Mr S Gray

Foundation (Cornerstones ) Curriculum    Mrs K Kandola                                             Miss S Steventon

SEN                                             Mrs H Cooper                                                       Mrs R. Wilson

Buildings / Asset Management        Mrs R Wells                                                         Mrs K. Clark

Pupil Premium                               Mrs H Cooper                                                      Mrs R. Wilson

Teaching and Learning                   Mrs K Kandola                                                      Miss T. Cartwright



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