Physical Education

At St Matthew’s Primary School and Nursery Centre we aim to provide physical education (PE) and school sports through a broad and balanced programme of activities.  The purpose of PE is to enable all pupils to work towards becoming independently active within the school and community.


Our PE programme aims to develop skills and concepts in relation to physical competence, health and relate fitness, safe practice and personal – social skills.  PE contributes to the whole curriculum of a child by offering an alternative context for the learning, understanding and application of language, numeracy and scientific concepts.  The subject also contributes to the technological, spiritual & moral, social & expressive/aesthetic aspects of learning through practical activities.


Our PE curriculum aims to develop a variety of skills as well as physical competence in a range of sports.  Areas such as health education, safe practise and personal & social skills are also accessed regularly throughout each topic in every year group.  Emphasis is placed on the process of planning, performing and self-evaluating within a wide range of sporting activities such as dance, athletics, ball skills, gymnastics and orienteering.


Swimming lessons for Years 5 and 6 take place during the summer term at Oakengates Leisure Centre where the children learn a variety of games, stroke techniques and survival skills.  During the last few sessions the children are given the opportunity to earn their distance badges and these are then awarded in our annual celebrations assembly.


Children compete against different schools in various sports and there is an element of competition in most games lessons, allowing children an opportunity to compete in a ‘fun for all’ atmosphere.  As a school we aspire to follow the rule ‘Win with pride, lose with dignity.  If we do so, we are all winners because of the taking part’.  This attitude is demonstrated particularly on our annual Sports’ days which are held during the summer term with all children in Key Stage 1 and 2 competing with children of similar abilities and separated into our 4 houses to add further excitement for the children.

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