St Matthew's C.E Primary School

Our recently appointed team of Reading Ambassadors have been the driving force behind our World Book Day initiatives and ideas for further developing a love and enjoyment of reading at St. Matthew’s.

To further promote the ethos and attitude of a love for reading for purpose and pleasure, we regularly hold reading celebrations. To celebrate World Book Day all children were invited to come dressed as their favourite traditional tale character. In addition, children are often encouraged to enter Young Writer competitions where successful entries are presented in an official published book.




Welcome to our reading ambassador page on the school website page. Here you will be able to view what us (as the reading ambassadors) will be doing in school and in the library and what books or activities we recommend. Every half term we will be updating the page to add some new interesting things for you!

We hope you will enjoy ;)

(By Thomas and Mia)


Meet the team


Autumn Term Updates

The Book Bus

On Wednesday 25th October, the book bus came to our school. This was so fun because we could buy some books with our own money or browse the selection that was available. When I went in the book bus, I bought a book called the Trials of Morgan Crow. I would definitely recommend this book to year 6's as it is interesting and has a good plot. My favourite character is Rebecca. (By Imogen) 


Purple Mash and why YOU should use it!

Did you know that you can read books on Purple mash for free? It is simple, easy and you can write what you have read in your journal! All you have to do is log into Purple Mash, go to the home page and click on Serial Mash.

Next, choose your age group so that the books you get are recommended or you . Here is some help:

Diamonds- age 5-7

Emeralds- age 7-9

Sapphire- age 9-11.


Once you have done that, you can choose from a range of different books and complete different activities on each chapter. There is so much fun waiting for you and not only is it fun, it also improves your reading skills.

(By Emily)


We also thought that if you do super reading on Purple mash we could come and give you a reward certificate that we have made called 'Purple Mash reader of the week' why not try and win one?

(By Mia and Imogen)


Some book recommendations

My favourite book is The Prisoner of Azkaban because it is an adventure and takes you on a journey.In the book, Harry Potter has an aunt and an uncle but they are incredibly mean! So he sneaks out and goes to his friend Ron's house to make him feel better. They get their books and go to Hogwarts to find a man called Syrius Black. Although Syrius Black is his godfather he hears he is after him and so is very frightened. He has to decide whether to fight him or give him a chance...

(By Freya)

We would recommend the book Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson because it catches the readers attention from the start and it is enjoyable to read. It is addictive and you want to keep reading on. It is imaginative and good for all ages.

(By Keren and Christabel)


Spring Term Updates

Everyone in this school knows it is very important to read. That is why I (Kelsie) wanted to be a Reading Ambassador. Every lunch time if it is not raining we put out lots of books on the outdoor stage or playground for you to come and read. Our team of 9 ambassadors will read along with you or give you some help on which books to choose or how to read more at home. The reason we are ambassadors and will help you is because we LOVE reading!

(By Kelsie)