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Pen to Paper Ghana


Pen to Paper Ghana is a non-governmental organisation that aims to improve education and facilities for the youth of Ghana, to give them a good grounding for a successful future. Their main focus is on improving literacy rates. 

The organisation’s mission is to improve education, particularly literacy. With nearly 50% of children in Ghana unable to read at all, Pen to Paper Ghana makes a difference by providing free literacy classes, training teachers on their phonics programme and giving school scholarships to those that are highly academic, but without the financial means to continue with their education. The team also visit pupils in their homes at weekends, increasing their knowledge and passion for reading in the home environment. 

In addition, Pen to Paper Ghana improves the infrastructure of schools, providing a pleasant, safe environment for pupils and teachers; this also increases attendance and improves learning.



The organisation was developed in 2015 when the co-founders were helping build school libraries. Though it was great providing book resources, they noticed that many of the children couldn't read the books. Through that Pen to Paper Ghana was created - a literacy NGO with a passion for helping people get out of the tunnel of illiteracy. The yellow and black theme of the NGO is to show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Most children in Ghana are taught by rote learning, a process of memorising words, which means they are unable to read an unfamiliar word. The Pen to Paper Ghana team started teaching a group of teenagers using phonics and with the remarkable results, Pen to Paper Ghana grew to what it is now!


How to help 

Within school, we host many fundraising days which raise funds for Pen to Paper Ghana. 

You can help by making a donation by clinking on the link.