St Matthew's C.E Primary School

“I can do all things because Christ gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

School Improvement

Every Year our School writes a Whole School Improvement Plan which outlines our strengths and our development areas for the year ahead.  Every Curriculum Manager contributes to school improvement in order to drive standards upwards and reach new heights together. Their pictorial summaries (Curriculum Summaries ) articulate what their priorities are in their curriculum area for the year ahead. We hope you find our School Improvement Summaries useful in understanding the future direction of St Matthew’s. Your feedback has been invaluable this year and this has also helped us to form new priorities for the year ahead. Please see 'The Curriculum' section and 'Curriculum Summaries' tab for all of our school improvement plans. 

Below is our Annual Report written by our School Improvement Advisor , this reflects on the following areas :

  • The quality of education areas such as curriculum offer and its implementation.
  • The effectiveness of subject leadership to drive forward improvements – capacity to improve

  • The effectiveness of senior leadership, including governors
  • Behaviour and attitudes
  • Personal development

Within the report he outlines the Strengths and the priorities for the Year ahead. The report is built up over several terms are reflects the year and the progress we have made towards priorities established the year before.


Summary Report 2021-22