Monitoring the Curriculum

Monitoring overview.


At St Matthew’s we aim to rigorously monitor lessons, environments and pupil’s books through a clear strategic plan. Leaders of core subjects including Reading, Writing, Maths, Religious Education and Science conduct lesson observations at least once a term for every member of staff. If there are significant areas for development, a support package will be put in place for that teacher with a member of the SLT who will mentor them and conduct more frequent observations as needed. Book scrutiny takes place as a whole school within Professional Development Meetings and as a focus of an LMT meeting once a term. The book scrutiny focuses on expectations, standards, pitch and progression of skills and knowledge through the school and within parallel year groups.  

Foundation subjects are monitored when they are a whole school area of focus through the cornerstones curriculum.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2





Design and Technology

Music / Other subject

Music / Other subject


During this period subject leaders will be mentored by T Cartwright (Deputy Headteacher) in the evaluation of their curriculum area.  As part of this process they will undertake a learning walk and lesson observations, they will also complete book scrutiny and pupil interviews, during all of these they will focus on the progression of skills and knowledge throughout the school. The process will enable them to effectively evaluate the teaching within their subject area and ensure that there is a clear and accurate progression in the teaching of key skills and knowledge in line with the National curriculum and cornerstones scheme of work.

Following all monitoring, findings will be shared with LMT and governors. Teacher and teaching Assistants / HLTAs will be given individual and whole school feedback following each of the evaluation processes, which will outline key areas of success and areas of improvement. All areas of improvements will be given timescales for completion and further evaluation.

Governors will conduct monitoring alongside subject leaders throughout the year. Subject areas are assigned to governors as their area of focus, they will liaise with subject leaders and conduct scrutiny alongside them, the findings of which will be shared during full governor meetings.

Pupil Ambassadors are also be given the opportunity to accompany Governors and leaders on their learning walks to encourage them to articulate areas of strength and development from a pupil’s perspective. This enables them to understand their pupil voice is valued and they too can drive the curriculum by articulating what pupil’s need in order to progress and enjoy the curriculum.

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