St Matthew's C.E Primary School

Governor Involvement in School

Learning Each Governors has a link curriculum role with an allocated subject leader and liaise regularly to ensure their knowledge is current.

Link and Special Interest Governor Champions and Subject Leader Roles and Responsibilities from January 2023

Pupil Premium: Mrs A Hill

Teaching and Learning:  Mrs A Hill, Mrs K Rivers

Behaviour and Attendance: Mrs Clark ,Mrs Wilson

Subject area                              Appointed Governor                                          Designated Subject Leader

EYFS                                              Mrs Porter                                                         Mrs S. Vaughan

English                                           Mrs A Hill                                                          Miss L.Wilson

Maths                                             Mrs K Rivers                                                      Miss K. Steventon

Science                                           Mrs Cooper                                                       Mrs S Wyre

IT                                                   Mr M Webb                                                       Mrs R.Wilson/ Miss L. Wilson

RE                                                  Mr Matt Beer, Mrs H Cooper                                 Mrs Jenkins KS 1 Mrs Barfield KS 2

PE                                                   Mr Matt Beer                                                     Miss R.Hawthorn

Foundation Curriculum                      Mrs A Hill                                                          Miss L. Wilson

SEND                                              Mrs B Porter                                                       Mrs R. Wilson

Buildings / Asset Management           Mrs A Hill                                                           Mrs K. Clark

Pupil Premium                                  Mr H Cooper                                                      Mrs R. Wilson

Teaching and Learning                      Mrs A Hill                                                           Mrs R Wilson

Safeguarding / CIC                           Mrs A Hill                                                           Mrs K Clark

Health and Safety                             Mr M Webb                                                        Mrs J Overal

Key strategic link governors , in particular for the core subjects, Pupil premium, EYFS and SEND regularly visit and carry out learning walks / deep dives with our school attached advisor , and attend data meetings (usually the Chair). This keeps governors fully involved and allows them to challenge practice and impact .

We have a wealth of knowledge on our governing body which leads to quality observations and judgements being made and discussed. School priorities are regularly revisited to inform school self evaluation and what direction we need to go in next.