St Matthew's C.E Primary School

We have been chosen because we are good role models in school. As peer buddies we help on the play ground if children need cheering up if they are upset, need a friend or want someone to play with. We also help children to play games and teach them new games that they do not know. We wear high-vis jackets to stand out on the playground . We are on the playground everyday. The buddy benches are where children can go to if they need a Peer Buddy. If we see someone on the buddy bench we are there in a flash to help.


Buddy Benches

The Peer Buddies have worked together to create Buddy Benches for the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. These are colourful benches where children can sit if they need help from a Peer Buddy. If children need us they go to the bench and we are there in a flash to help them.

We help: 

  • Cheer children up if they are feeling down
  • Help children if they need a friend
  • Help children to play games